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Here are the main questions asked by Artists and Fans

TSRV provides an alternative to the traditional music industry. It is a platform that empowers artists to execute their next music project, funded by their fans. The fundamental difference is that instead of taking a financial stake in your project we enable you to raise your budget from music fans. This will give you maximum flexibility and control over your music. TSRV is able to support artists through the community and use it’s economies of scale to put together some very interesting deals, however you are responsible for the success of your project and your own career.

Yes, in the past several artists have licensed their TSRV albums to traditional record labels, however as they have not had to raise recording advances from the labels they have been able to negotiate much better deals.

Yes, if you want to we can arrange the global online distribution of your music via our partners like Amazon in the UK, USA and Germany, BOL.com in the Netherlands and The Orchard who make sure the music is available in all download stores like iTunes and eMusic. But it is also ok if you want to arrange the distribution by yourself.

Nothing! Yes, joining TRSV is totally free, there are no entrance fee or any other costs.

The idea came from a love of music and the frustration of hearing the same artists always on the radio, while so many talented artists remain unnoticed by the traditional music industry. At that time a small and select group of people in the music industry were deciding which artists were allowed to record an album and what the rest of world had to listen to. On top of that, because of declining music sales, record labels were signing fewer and fewer new artists. The effect was that more and more artists were not able to record that album that they have in them, and music fans weren’t hearing the music they wanted to hear. So we decided to change this situation by leveling the playing field for both artists and fans. TSRV gives all artists an equal opportunity to pursue a musical career, we’re not the filter, it’s the music fans who decide.

Freedom and control. You’ll have total artistic freedom; you’ll decide what your objective is and how you want to go about reaching it. There are no strings attached so you’re free to go when and wherever you like (after you have fulfilled your obligations to your Fans). You control your own career. You are able to negotiate deals with traditional record labels, however with no recording advance and a proven army of fans you are likely to be able to agree much better terms. If you want to record your music, you'll have access to very well known producers and studios. Any recorded music can be made available worldwide via stores like iTunes, eMusic and Amazon. The global community on TSRV.com exists of music lovers who are ready and willing to help artists achieve their goals.

Every independent artist wanting to take control over their own career can join TSRV. That means that TSRV can be used by artists with a track record of multiple albums and by new raw talent.

Artists upload their music to their profile. Music lovers find artists they like and believe in. A predetermined Part price (plus transaction/administration costs) buys them a piece of the action. And this will make them a Fan of the artist. When the budget is reached, the artist will execute the plan. Fans receive incentives that the artist has promised. From now on bands and Fans are in this together.

A Fan is a music lover who comes to TSRV and has found an artist they likes and believe in. He/she can show this faith by putting their money where their mouth is, e.g. by purchasing at least one Part of an artist. Until the artist has reached the Goal Amount a Fan can move Parts from one artist to another.

The Goal Amount is the amount that an artist has set with which to execute their plan. This can range from anywhere between €3,000 and €250,000. If so desired, it is even possible to go higher than that for custom artists. The number of Parts in an Artist is equal to the Goal Amount divided by the predetermined Part price.

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