Frequently Asked Question

What is publishing about?
This is about the rights of an actual song, not a recording of a song. So it concerns not the performer(s) of a song but the composer(s)/lyricist(s) of the song. This means you’ll also get publishing revenue if for instance another artist records your song(s). There are several ways publishing revenue is generated. The first is when a song is performed (played on radio, performed live, shown on TV etc.) this is what we call performance royalties. These royalties are collected by so called Collective Rights Organizations and distributed directly to composers, lyricists and publishers. The second one is a fee for every reproduction of a song (download or on a physical product like a CD), this is what we call the mechanical royalties. In Europe these royalties are also collected and distributed by the Collective Rights Organizations, in the USA publishers have to collect these from the labels. A third important one is licensing royalties. These are generated when a song is licensed to be used in for instance a movie, TV commercial or game. These revenues are collected and distributed by the publisher.