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    Feat Cynthia Kelly (vocals)....... CD,, Philippe E.

    FEB 2018:
    Zubira #Featured #Artist this Month on #TRSV #Radio Hits.....!
    Tune in now!
    Trevor Dainty - Zubir Alwee
    The Rising Star Ventures...
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    Philippe E. Maille added a video. 3 weeks ago

    A big Thank you to Henry Mixon , Earl Rice & AnthonyStix Payton - BlendJazz for this amazing promo #Jingle


    The Rising Star Ventures

    I bet #CRM will soon stand for
    Cow Relationship Management!

    #TRSV - Marketing for Artists
    Time to Fund your favorite Artist!…
    The Rising Star Ventures..... "Artists at the Heart of the...
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    Thanks Phillipe & everyone at TRSV plus Dawn & everyone at RIFF for your great support in 2017! Happy New Year 2018 - May you all be blessed with... Show more

    Philippe E. Maille Thank you so much! The same for you and Yours 2 months ago

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    Zubira added a video. 2 months ago

    Since "The Rider" gets more listeners than any other track on "Like Never Before" (Thank You... Thank You) we though it might be great to explain... Show more


    "The Rider" Lyric & Explain-er Video

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