Jack Scannell


The Hip-Hop Jazzman

Musical artist from Seattle,Wa with a long history performing jazz, blues, new age and various fusion styles, including Flamenco fusion and Classical Crossover. Played with the RED GARLAND trio in Dallas, and performed in concert with various major jazz artists, including keyboardist RED GARLAND and percussionist LEWIS NASH. Lived and performed in all corners of the U.S. before leaving to live in Europe in 2003. Played 5 years in Barcelona with flamenco fusion band LUMBRE. Currently living in Berlin, Germany, and involved in different projects, including Rock/Jazz fusion. In late 2014, conceived of the new genre called, "HIP HOP JAZZ," and began developing and recording the style of playing smooth jazz over hip hop rhythms and effects. Now, in the process of producing a complete CD with a variety of hip hop jazz tracks.

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